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The Canadian Institute for the Blind

For a graphic design course through my study at OCAD University I created a possible redesign for “The Canadian Institute for the Blind”, a non profit organization. The CNIB is a charity that seeks to provide support, knowledge and sustainable help to Canadians who are blind or partially sighted. Furthermore, an important purpose they serve is to promote the importance of vision health through public education. Because of the fact that the target groups of the CNIB are not only people with normal vision but also people with low vision I created a split website with two accessibility options. People with low vision have the possibility to enlarge the font size and to change the contrast. Since one purpose of the CNIB is to promote the importance and to spread consciousness about vision health, visitors of the website with normal vision have the option to experience different types of low vision diseases with the aid of a simulation. With this interactive feature the user can feel what it is like to be partially sighted. This feeling that I try to convey is also the reason for the new logo I designed. The font is cut off in the middle so that the observer has difficulty to read it.